Fearless Living

I have only recently found the freedom to do the things I love without too much concern or fear. In the past, I have been confined to do what I think I should do for longer term gain. Discipline. Must be from the 20 years of ballet training or perhaps the fire and brimstone upbringing….

We should be programmed to be disciplined about listening to ourselves not listening to others.

Last year I got a tattoo. Not really like me at all and when I look down I still get surprised by myself! I got it because to me it symbolised no fear. An idea with the courage to carry it out.    That is what it representsIMG_1247 IMG_1249 to me. Many friends joked that I was having a mid-life crisis (although nowhere near mid-life! honest), but it was almost the opposite. A mid (ish) life anti-crisis. A realisation of the place I was at in my life; old enough to know myself and young enough to start living in a way that was more true to me.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”, by Anais Nin.


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