Inside Design- Women rule

I was given a chance to do a workshop session for Women Onto Work today with 8 beautiful women. I wanted to explore personal styles and see how one can make their spaces better and be creative with the smallest amount of money. We started out by thumbing through the home magazine and created mood boards. After identifying what we liked, didn’t like, etc., we spoke about the spaces we currently occupy.  Some were too small, too big, too bland; some were with children, husbands or on their own. The workshop was only two hours and we managed to accomplish quite a lot. There was an initial hesitation, perhaps just shyness. I think with most things, especially when it comes to expressing yourself, confidence has to be built. I aimed to create a safe space for exploration and expression; a conscious gentle flow of the session. One lady commented that when you are feeling low, you don’t engage with your surroundings. I hope that by just trying, being thoughtful about your space and making efforts to improve it, would be a step to feeling better. No doubt you feel great when you create something and by designing from the inside, you can make your stamp, leave a bit of you to enjoy.
We ended up with two lamp shades, two coat racks and nine radiant faces. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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