Shared Spaces

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I am working from home today. I have found a combination of office base, home base and out and about work suits me best. When I first started my new job, I didn’t enjoy going into the office everyday. I couldn’t quite figure out why, besides the extra time of commuting, train fares and expensive lunches from the West End of town. What I realised over time, however, it was the lack of concentration that bothered me most. Even in a small office, with sometimes only 3 people in it, it was hugely distracting to be in the office. I found myself so much more productive at home, with no distractions and the ability to keep my head down. Listening to people on the telephone and the constant bleep of emails coming in on everyone’s computer was enough to reduce my attention span to seconds.

In the age of shared technology, shared work space, hot-desking, etc., how are we making sure we are using our time best? And why is the kitchen always so gross! Is it the majority or minority that just doesn’t pull their weight?

Some articles on shared space etiquette.

Strategic Workspace Etiquette– makes me laugh that this information is called strategic…you would think it is a no-brainer.

Prefer to think about how to make work space more fun and the other problems will lessen…maybe? Simple tricks to make your work space more fun. 


At home it is the same and very different.  Living with people is what makes us human and what also determines how human we are. Being able to accept differences, embrace differences and share spaces with open hearts and perspectives can make sharing a gift. When I say sharing, I mean in the widest sense;  sharing the world we live with others to sharing the most intimate part of your own unique world.

Be a kind human, even when it is hard.


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