Aim high, hammer lower

There is a way to hang pictures on your walls. There is nothing more depressing than a lonely picture, squint and so high you have to tip your head back to see it. Good ol’ Martha has some useful tips. If you are not sure, think in groups. df4970eb51549df229aacbc27f899a03

Pictures should also be hung at eye level; most often than not, picture are hung too high. Also remember that the frame and how it is framed is just about as important as the actual artwork or photograph. Play around with mats, use 2 or 3, oversized mats, different colours, etc. If you feel that you don’t have anything to frame, check out pinterest, google, etc. There are loads of images out there which one could easily print and frame. You can also frame maps, cards, sketches and more with very little expense. I beg you not to buy a cheap canvas print of a red flower. Make it personal to you. 91b0f2ddac1b6e8dc507f1dafa7d6e86 ada4cd0978ffd0a7246d339c8c2606c4d22c0ec00472a6610b82b342dff4237a2f346fc7d214ceb77ecb067a9f668a05

d21df0bd51c0214ed9cae5919de279ca03a832283fbeb901f0bdfd864a575a544fec7d84e19f8b469b2ff7641ec8581f 5deb75d3445a2a68da1ca33744d865ef


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