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The dressing up box happened. Izzy was not sure about it at first. It was a new piece of furniture in her room which she wasn’t quite ready for and initially requested to move to the office. It made me think…maybe I was being selfish. Maybe making the dressing up box was for me?! Don’t worry, I am over that now. The truth is, I made her a lovely bit of furniture for her room, managed to not spend more than £8 all in.  I reused the buttons from a Trade School barter, an old broom handle, a pallet given to me, some old fabric, hooks from the tool box and the giant buttons off my old slippers. The bag was from a pair of shoes I bought last year and the “jewelry box” is a cigar box a friend was throwing out. My friend’s 17-year-old daughter said, I wish my mum would have made me one of those when I was little. That was good enough for me.

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Dani’s Drawers is about living a way that is right for me and showing my children to respect all things and nothing is meaningless. Life is made valuable by giving your time and acting with love. 


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