New House


Home is much more IMG_6067than shelter; home is our centre of gravity.

We moved in a few months ago but you know how things go, I haven’t had time to look back and reflect and enjoy until now. We only had a couple of months to find, sell and buy a new place and we are really happy.  The family is settled and it feels like home. The place really didn’t need much work, just decorated to our style and some storage built as the place had no storage and no shelves anywhere. The other plus side is that the basement is unfinished so we have already started dreaming and planning our next project.

Here are some before and after photos, hopefully you can figure which is which. I just received the old decorator’s box for a Christmas present. Think I like it in the dining room, but will live with it for a bit to know for sure.

IMG_5282 IMG_6620 IMG_6627IMG_6626

Our lounge was a bedroom but we thought we would make the most of the wood burner. Treewrights made our lovely oak fire surround. I brought back some deer antlers from South Dakota and painted and mounted them in a picture frame.

IMG_5271 IMG_5458  IMG_5869 IMG_5870 image IMG_5751

Another bargain, Portobello’s sale facebook, £35 for the chair and I added some old coffee sacks to the sides for fun. The leather topped table was a freebie for helping someone move some furniture.

IMG_5737  IMG_5268IMG_5326  IMG_5836 IMG_5460 image

We turned the living room into our bedroom and made a bed to fit. All in, about £70 in scaffold boards and a post. Bob is well impressed with his joinery skills- me too of course! The old fire surround became our headboard. I also managed to sew some curtains for under the desk and for the living room-for the first time and they are the right size.

IMG_5421 IMG_5422  IMG_5276IMG_5369 IMG_5278 IMG_5368 IMG_5367 IMG_5519

Kids bedrooms

All had free range on decorating and they did well!

IMG_5293  IMG_5865

IMG_5867 image IMG_6633 IMG_6634The dusty pink unit was from the fabulous Friday Street (£20 because one handle was broken)!

IMG_5864 IMG_5863

The bathroom didn’t need much. We found this ladder in the basement and cut it to fit, hung a mirror, pictures and a basket, done. The boy scout tin was a $5 find in an antique shop in South Dakota.

IMG_5288IMG_5725IMG_5731 IMG_5728

We had to say good bye to flowers, went for a blue grey. Kitchen needed some serious storage; again found these crates in the basement and they became our storage solutions. The spice wrack is a metal arrow, compliments of TK Maxx.

IMG_5905 IMG_5862 IMG_5410 image

Decided to use some wire baskets for wall storage, my family laughed at me at first but it actually works well. I found the small writing unit at an antique shop, bargained down to £30 and painted some mustard stripes down the sides. We found a large piece of wood, cut it to size and screwed on some hooks from IKEA for a coat wrack.

Next…. the garden and basement!

Happy homemaking!




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