I love a project!

There is nothing better than having an idea and carrying it out. Not all ideas are great, but all projects teach you something. Don’t let confidence stand in your way and stay true to your vision. If you create something because you want to and if it is for you, then  you cannot fail.

I do not think that upcycling and recycling is “trendy”.   I would rather think that it is evolution. A cultural shift from the cheap and wasteful state we have arrived at. A shift to thinking about things differently. How can we design things to be recycled in its next life? How can we get away from throwing away so much, so often? How can we push our imagination and innovation?

Second life

Second life

Part of a thrown out kitchen. Retrieved from a skip! Painted, added some new knobs and hung on the wall. Great for teas and recipe books.

This child’s desk was given to me by a friend. My son picked out the colour and I recovered the seat with some fabric and pins, stuffed a bit of an old pillow on the seat and done!



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